The same technology that protects the International Space Station from extreme temperatures can cut your home heating and cooling costs by as much as 30%. Radiaflect™ from Gorell is a remarkable new reflective insulation that stops 97% of radiant heat transfer, the principal cause of wasted energy in your home.

Radiaflect features a closed-cell foam core with high purity aluminum fused to both surfaces via a patented process. It achieves excellent R-values like ordinary insulation and stops radiant heat transfer like the best radiant barrier. It puts money back into your pocket like no other home improvement. Plus, it's the only reflective insulation that has passed the ASTM fire safety tests required by building codes for use in attics.

Radiaflect is ENERGY STAR® qualified and is eligible for Federal Energy Tax Credits as determined by the US Department of Energy.




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Radiant Barrier Shop has the expertise to make your home more energy effecient. We use proven products, most are ENERGY STAR® qualified, getting you maximum results. Radiant Barrier Shop is located in the heart of the metroplex, Fort Worth. Our clients are located all over North Texas including Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding cities.


You may qualify for 2011 Federal Tax Credits!

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The cost of electric keeps going up, start bringing it down!

Radiaflect reflective attic insulation comes with a Lifetime Warranty for as long as you own your home.

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